Bio of the rock band proXima

28 février 2016

Bio of the rock band proXima

(version française cliquer ICI)

(Official Twitter of proXima : )






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proXima placed a song ("Need to Breathe") in the International trailer of the David Cronenberg 

Link to the metal (indus) remix of NEED TO BREATHE used in the trailer of COSMOPOLIS :
Link to the international trailer of COSMOPOLIS (starring Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, ...) :


proXima placed the song "Major Tom" (that will be a track of the next album) in the soundtrack of the international movie trailer of EN SOLITAIRE (directed by Christophe Offenstein, starring François Cluzet, Guillaume Canet, ...).

Check the spanish trailer :
Quebec trailer :

1st music of this movie trailer is "Major Tom" (will be in the next album of proXima)


proXima launched the nasty kinky sexy romantic beautiful music video (in Paris):  ZOE AND I


ZOE AND I - proXima from proXima on Vimeo.
Link to more on this song :


proXima launched the dreamy romantic beautiful music video (in Space):  MAJOR TOM


MAJOR TOM - proXima from proXima on Vimeo.


proXima launched the dark romantic music video (in Paris):  SEE HOW I FLY 


SEE HOW I FLY - proXima from proXima on Vimeo.


proXima launched the uptempo dark goth romantic music video (on a foreig planet) :  MY LIFE WITH YOU 

MY LIFE WITH YOU - proXima from proXima on Vimeo.


Watch all the videos of proXima (music videos, TV and radio interviews, unplugged live, live, ...) :








proxima-silhouette-04 proxima-silhouette-03 proxima-silhouette-02

Style is gothic dark "Glam Rock" and "French Lovers" with the French Beret  :-)

50 shades of grey is pale compared to the ZOE AND I music video :-)
This is the spirit of the old Paris.

click on the pictures
proXima - Bad Cave of Paris - 2013


polaroid snapshot proXima live in the basement

proXima 2012 Paris 74463356 72828140 

proXima 2013 - métro Victor Hugo


polaroid snapshot proXima live in the basement 6

proXima Champs Elysées 2013
Other pics of proXima

proXima ZOE AND I - 1

proXima photo Seine


Pictures of proXima (snapshots of the video clip "zoe and I") :








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 3 albums since 2001 and a 4th under recording (upcoming ...)

proxima-music_for_pleasure-front _proxima proxima_lost_blood_in_parisupcoming album

New upcoming album : 3 tracks already released (click to watch vid)

 - Need to Breathe (written for the David Cronenberg film COSMOPOLIS)
 - Zoe and I (very tasty music video by the film Director Olivier Benel)
 - Major Tom (very romantic music video)

Previous albums
music for pleasure Alcatraz prod / MSI

punk is dead ; Alcatraz prod / Anticraft in France, Alcatraz Prod / Green Pepper Junction / Sony BMG in the UK
lost blood in Paris : Alcatraz prod / iTunes 
Some tracks in indie rock compilations (the ultimitate indie hooks vol 1best of rock vol 38killa manilla, etc ...) in France and in the UK.






Music for Movies & TV

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 2014/2015 :

- track "Zoe and I" (that will be in the next album) used as soundtrack in several short movies in France.
- track "Hey Little Princess" (previous album : Lost Blood in Paris) placed in the humour TV series project "Everything Seriously Harms You" :


2013 :

- track "Major Tom" (that will be in the next album) placed in the international movie trailer EN SOLITAIRE (directed by Christophe Offenstein, starring François Cluzet, Guillaume Canet, ...) : 

En Solitaire :
En Solitario (Spanish trailer) : : placement of the track Need to Breathe (metal remix ) in the international soundtrack of the David Cronenberg film COSMOPOLIS (starring Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, ...) :

2009 : soundtrack of the short film of Olivier Benel :  AnnA's Romance :

2007 : soundtrack of the short film of Olivier Benel :  Leçon de Choses (the lesson) :

(click the pictures to play videos)
Trailer of  Cosmopolis           Track Need to Breathe         
Image1 proXima 2012 Paris 

Trailer of En Solitaire                   Short Film AnnA"s Romance
En Solitaire 2

 Soundtrack of the international movie trailer of the David Cronenberg film COSMOPOLIS (metal remix of the proXima song Need to Breathe) : Listen : 








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(clubs and festivals)

4 musicians, 1 sound engineer, 1 cameraman



proXima Live proXima-Festival-Strange-9

proXima-Jee-Wy-Festival-Strange-3 proXima-Jee-Wy-Festival-Strange-1
proXima photo La Miroiterie 1 proXima photo La Miroiterie 3

proxima gigging
To watch pictures, click 
proXima LIVE from the basement :

proXima - Live from the basement - song : Butterfly from proXima on Vimeo.










Social Networks

proxima-silhouette-04 proxima-silhouette-03 proxima-silhouette-02


more than 10 000 fans on Facebook :
> 4 000 000 views on Youtube :

Contact : 

Fans of proXima on the internet : Half male, half female, 80% between 13 et 25 years old on Youtube , 70% between 13 et 24 years old on Facebook (like every rock band), even if everyone is welcome :-)
NB : Same balance in gigs audience.
Image14 facebook proXima
           on Youtube                                                      on Facebook
(orange = females) 







Classical Media 

proxima-silhouette-04 proxima-silhouette-03 proxima-silhouette-02


Video clip Hello My Old Friend was played on Major French TV Channels : TF1 and M6. 
proXima got interviews on French National TV France 3.
tracks got airplay on radios around the world.
Interviews : France3 TV 2011France3 TV 2010, Happy Web radio (radio of the youngsters), ALTERNATIVE FM radio, TSF98 radio,  again Happy Web radio (radio of the youngsters), Dynamic RadioIDFMLFM Radio, ...


Singer of proXima, Olivier Sadoine (Dynamic Radio), and guitarist of proXima : Dynamic Radio (Paris, France)

Check TV and radio interviews of proXima :

proXima was intervewed by the famous Jacky and played acoustic live on IDF1 TV.

Acoustic live session (ZOE AND I) of proXima on LFM radio in the early morning (09:00 am, Mantes la Jolie, France)

Interview on IDF1 TV by the TV host Jacky, 2013 May 21th (La Plaine Saint Denis, Paris suburb)

June 15th, 2012, Interview and acoustic live session of proXima on HAPPY WEB radio (the radio for young adults), Evron, France
September 11th, 2012, Interview and acoustic live session of proXima on ALTERNATIVE FM radio, Persan, France
September 17th, 2012, Interview and acoustic live session of proXima on TSF98 radio, Hérouville, France
November 1st, 2012, Interview and acoustic live session of proXima on HAPPY WEB radio (the radio for young adults), Evron, France
March 29th, 2013, Interview and acoustic live session of proXima on DYNAMIC Radio, Paris, France
April 19th, 2013, Interview and acoustic live session of proXima on IDFM Radio, Enghien les Bains, France
April 23rd, 2013, Interview and acoustic live session of proXima on LFM Radio, Mantes la Jolie, France
May 20th, 2013, Intervew by Jacky and acoustic live session of proXima on IDF1 TV, La Plaine Saint Denis, France
November 9th, 2013, Interview and acoustic session of proXima for French TV, by Amin Essadiq Bendaoud 

March 14th, 2014, interview and acoustic live session of proXima on Dynamic Radio, Paris, France

January14th, 2015, interview and acoustic live session of proXima on Studec Radio, Paris, France








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"this music video of the proXima track Zoe And I is 50 shades of Grey in 3 min we love it !"

Goth and Emo Music News

" ... wow this is not your average rock guitar album. proXima are from France, and their approach doesnt reflect anything i've come across before, with the possible exception of dEUS ... and the vocal harmonies are beautifully executed ... some of this is wonderful ... "

LiveClub, UK

"... a great comparison would be the sound of Irish band Ash, though theres a different vibe to this bands sound, that sort of infused with the melodicism of the Beatles and the pop skills of Nirvana. ..."

"Need to Breathe", chanson du groupe proXima, se retrouve propulsée à l'international. Elle est utilisée comme fond sonore de la bande annonce de "Cosmopolis", le prochain film de David Cronenberg. Le groupe de rock indépendant a déjà eu l'occasion de se confronter à l'étranger, ..."
Musique Orange, France

"Les groupes français peuvent-ils connaître la réussite des groupes scandinaves ? proXima en a les moyens l’ensemble possède le grain rock serré, cohérent grâce à la limpidité de compos solides et efficaces. Chant impeccable, six-cordes remarquable, son béton, un petit moment de bonheur ", 
Guitarist Magazine, France

"... les voix sont comme d’habitude magnifiques, et les compositions … superbes ! On sent que PROXIMA a fait la synthèse de ses influences BEATLES avec d’autres plus dark (ils revendiquent THE CURE comme référence, et ça s’entend). Les chansons vont de la ballade à la guitare sèche comme « my little sweet Aida » - une pure merveille de sensibilité vocale - jusqu’à l’up tempo after punk de « The seeds of hope », un titre BEATLES qui fait aussi penser dans sa couleur à David BOWIE et à RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE … Bref c’est du pur bonheur, ces huit titres sont tous susceptibles de faire un carton radiophonique ..." 
Rock-Blog Mag, France

" ... avec son rock puissant mâtiné de pop et de métal, proXima pourrait bien faire sensation sur la scène Française ... "
Rock Sound, France

" ... avec leur rock débridé évoluant quelque part entre les Beatles, Radiohead et Duran duran, les Français de proXima ne passent pas inaperçus … la presse spécialisée française et aussi anglaise salue d’ores et déjà son originalité et son énergie ... "
Musique Info Hebdo, France

"... the second proXima track punk is dead sounds completely different : gone are the Radiohead and Beatles references, and in are the Guided By Voice style beat ... this is a really good track ..."
The Mag-Me, UK 

" ... Proxima a ce petit plus qui gagne  à être connu (chant impeccable, des influences discrètes et des compos bien efficaces), c’est varié, tout en étant cohérent.  A découvrir ! "
Franchuta, France

" ... un album qui devrait ravir critiques et public de chaque côté de la Manche ... "
Campus Mag / After , France

"... Frances proXima are an unuasual bunch ... hello my old friend is an enjoyable Beatles-ish number whereas punk is dead resembles Erasure with guitars and what a guitar ! ... This band are certainly different", 
NOISY Magazine, UK

"Kicking straight into action with a basic typical powerchord rhythm section ... the heavy punk influences of ProXima are immediately very clear..."
BAND Engine, UK

"... proXima provide the albums highlight with hello my old friend ..."
Silent Uproar magazine, USA

"There's a little of the Roger Taylor (Queen, folks) formula oozing through 'Boom boom bang bang you're dead', especially the way that voice chuckles his words through the filtered radio device, before the plump pump of guitar comes through the door and bangs your head into the cement. There's a feeling of distorted bootleg about this. A raw edge, or a raw egg going down wrong, either way it's refreshingly unexpected and crass via cool works."
Music Dish, USA 

"De la même trempe, mais plus proche de ce que réalisait Manic Street Preachers à ses débuts, " French lovers " flirte même avec le glam. Noisy, " You told me lies " et " She's far away " consument une intensité chatoyante. Mais le meilleur titre de cet opus est paradoxalement électroacoustique. Répondant au titre de " You're gonna live into my dream now ", il aurait pu figurer dans le répertoire d'un Swell. A travers " Music for pleasure ", ProXima a eu l'audace de tenter le mariage de styles contre nature."
Music Zine, France 


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